Is Tech Still A Safe Space For New Entrants?

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 · Aaron Kyle
Last updated: May 07, 2025

I used to be able to respond to all messages on LinkedIn. Now, it's impossible.

This was my initial reason for writing this guide.

A link to send to anyone with questions regarding "how can i do it?"

With a little more free time, I decided this would be a good time to go ahead and finish it up.

Currently, I'm building out the landing page.

Tech Pivot Playbook 2024

I made most progress with the first draft last year, so I won't do much editing.

Once the landing page is done, i'll release what I have.

If you're struggling to put yourself out there, the most important thing is to do it. Don't concern yourself with the beauty or little things.

Just release and iterate.

That's my approach at least. All things that I've consumed recommend the same.

Tech Pivot Playbook 2024

This time around I'm using NextJS & TailwindCSS which is becoming my go-to stack for the frontend.

I'll deploy the site to S3 since it's nothing more than words and styling.

I don't have a domain for it yet, pivotplaybook is taken already. I have to think of a new one.

I had the idea to name it Get Me In Tech, but the more messages I get, the more I realize that it needs to be released more than named well.

First Edition will be for Software Engineering.

If enough interest is there, I'll do one for Sales Engineering as well.

Well, it's almost ready. Updates soon


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